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Zerto Enhanced Azure Integration to Achieve Lower RTOs and Less Overhead

Zerto has enhanced its Azure integration to reduce RTOs and potential cost. Specifically, Zerto’s latest release leverages Azure’s native Virtual Machine Scale-Sets to:

  • Reduce compute overhead required for the Zerto Cloud Appliance (ZCA) which manages the data replication to/from a cloud environment.

  • Speed up recovery through better integration with native Azure functionality, which means lower achievable RTOs.
  • Minimize Azure compute costs. Zerto VM instances created during the recovery processes are removed when the failover is completed.

The Zerto-Azure enhancements build on Zerto’s existing ability to support cloud-based DR and migrations:

  • Execute DR to or from an Azure environment (e.g. on-prem to Azure, or Azure to on-prem).

  • Execute DR from one Azure region to another. Cloud services have outages too, and the ability to failover from one region to another provides the same geo-diversity you would expect for your on-prem or co-lo environment.

  • Mitigate the risk of vendor or platform lock-in by enabling workloads to migrate from one cloud environment to another.

Our Take

Zerto’s broad support of cloud DR and migration requirements matches the journey many organizations are following; e.g. start by using cloud for DR, move on to using cloud for production, implement DR for production cloud environments…and avoid cloud vendor lock-in along the way.

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