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With Over 350,000 Customers, Veeam Reaches $1 Billion in Annual Bookings

At VeeamON 2019, Veeam announced it had achieved $1billion in annual bookings. The software company attributes success to its ability to take advantage of Act 1: Virtualization of the Data Center; now it is gearing up for what it predicts will be Act 2: Hybrid Cloud.

The Co-Founder and EVP Sales & Marketing at Veeam, Ratmir Timashev, is proud to acknowledge that Veeam has been a leader in the VMware backup market for the last ten years. Following his philosophy of being at the right time, right place, with the right product, Timashev plans for Veeam to target cloud data management in an effort to respond to the changing landscape of IT.

Veeam plans to use its vast partner ecosystem to help create easier integration and management for its solutions. This is at the core of what it believes will bring success in Act 2. When Veeam released 9.5 Update 4 in January, cloud was a major focus. Capabilities such as easier migration to cloud, mobility between cloud, backup of cloud workloads, and cost optimized cloud storage, are a clear indication of Veeam’s vision to focus on cloud data management without neglecting its core value proposition of being simple, reliable, and flexible.

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Source: Veeam at SoftwareReviews, Accessed July 4, 2019

Our Take

While the majority of organizations will not run everything in the cloud, it is almost impossible that an organization will be “cloud free.” The shift to backing up cloud systems can be observed across the backup and availability market, and while Veeam’s shift in strategy is no surprise, its large and growing partner ecosystem acknowledges the demand for centralized management and turnkey solutions.

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