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Kovair Introduces Release 10.0 of Its Product Suite, Improving Its Breadth of Integrations, Administration, and Data Migration Capabilities

Kovair continues to enhance its product suite with the introduction of version 10.0. The updates cover its Omnibus, ALM Studio, and QuickSync products.

The following represents the key changes in this release:

  • Kovair Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics (Customer Service and Sales modules) – Kovair now supports integration between Dynamics Customer Service and Sales Modules with other applications such as ServiceNow.
  • Kovair Adapter for SonarQube Cloud – This adapter enables the capture of all metrics for code checked in GitHub to get a better sense of code quality. Integration with any ALM tool allows for a 360-degree view of builds produced and related versions. All of this data is also made available in Kovair ALM Studio for further report building.
  • Viewing error logs and details via UIKovair ALM studio now supports reviewing error details and issues from the UI. This enables quicker and easier troubleshooting than before.
  • Multi-file attachment in ALM Studio – Users can now attach multiple files at once to a given record. Given that many scenarios involve complex data from multiple sources, this is a welcome addition.
  • Database management from the UI – ALM Studio Site administrators can now monitor database health and take appropriate action as required using a simpler interface.
  • Timesheet data exposed through Kovair Web API – Users can now access their task data and create new tasks externally through the Kovair Web API. This enables automation scenarios involving task creation to become a reality.
  • Improved data migration support via Kovair QuickSync
    • Kovair now supports migration of Jira Zephyr test data to Azure DevOps.
    • Kovair QuickSync now supports a one-time migration from Micro Focus ALM 12.6 to Azure DevOps Cloud.

Source: Kovair ALM Studio, Accessed April 27, 2020

Our Take

Today’s users demand to use best-in-class software to perform activities that enable them to reach their overall goals. Kovair has introduced a number of improvements and enhancements to address three specific areas:

  1. Integration – Adding support for Microsoft Dynamics and SonarQube Cloud enables additional best-in-class applications to work together. In addition, supporting timesheet data from the Kovair Web API enables an organization’s existing application suite to put task data directly into Kovair.
  2. Usability – Info-Tech believes that software delivers value only when it is being used and by extension is usable by as many people as possible. The quality of life changes for administration and multi-file attachments makes material improvements to an organization’s ability to gain value from their use.
  3. Data Migration – Data is the lifeblood of any organization, and the portability and usability of that data is not optional. Kovair’s increased migration support ensures data portability and enables users to move their data to best-in-class applications as their requirements change and evolve.

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